Many of the most promising future healthcare breakthroughs are built on data. Above we have listed some of them. However, the majority of these data are sensitive – they contain sensitive information about private people. Regulations and data policies are setting strict requirements on how data may be used and how privacy and consent of data subjects must be managed and obeyed.

At VEIL.AI we have developed a completely novel way to help the use of sensitive data without compromising data privacy and GDPR compliance.

VEIL.AI anonymization engine is a neural network enhanced way to anonymize data and to produce synthetic data. It beats the competition in several key areas:

1: It is the only known method where data sharing can be done between different organizations (e.g. between different biobanks) so that anonymization is done within each organization BEFORE data is shared and combined

2: It is the only known method where data anonymization can be effectively applied to rich realtime data. It supports e.g. IoT devices and Edge computing

3: Compared to traditional anonymization techniques, VEIL.AI does simultaneously data anonymization and information loss minimization. We have verified information loss gains of tens of percents compared to other approaches.

4: The neural network model can be further developed to produce synthetic data.

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